Q. Does any of this really matter?

A.  Not really.


Q. Do I even Need you?

A. That depends. Are you Paul Thomas Anderson? Are you effortlessly fluent in cinematic language while also balancing on-set politics? Can you be both of those things and also make your day? If yes, then you don’t need me at all. But if you’re not, I’m willing to bet you could use a hand.


Q. am I a true original?

A. As far as I can tell, all great things in cinema have been done by now. You’re not going to be the one to invent some new cinematic thing that changes the game forever. What matters is doing what feels truthful and authentic to you. Everything else is secondary.


Q. Will you shoot my music video?

A. Unless you’re willing to pay me like $5,000/day up front, probably not.


Q. why won’t you shoot my music videos?

A. Because music videos are the fucking worst.


Q. Is this whole brand identity based on how much of a dick you are?

A. Kind of. It’s about approaching the work without pretending like we’re here to change the world. It’s about acknowledging that the potential for improvement is infinite. Nothing is good enough, so we have to work harder. The consumer deserves better, the client deserves better and you deserve better. I will always put the work in if you will.

Q. What’s your rate?

A. That really depends. If you just need me to shoot an interview for a day, I’ve done that for as little as $500. If you need me to put in the hours it really takes to help you craft your story into the best thing it can be, it’s going to be a bit more. But let’s say for simplicity my standard day rate is $850 for 10 hours. But I’ll consider every job. If I think you’re super dope, everything is negotiable.

Q. What gear do you have?

A.  Not a lot, but you can find my complete list here.