Oh Hi

I’m a mixed raced kid with two parents who rejected the world they grew up in. In their attempt to give me the best life possible, I lost out on the feeling of coming from anywhere in particular. It’s not a bad thing, but I had to work hard to train my eye.

I’m about seeing the story holistically; outside the bounds of a personal style and without the restrictions of trope or cliche. I’m about figuring out how to tell the story in the way that is most honest to the story itself. My own style is secondary.

I’m just here to do the work.


I’m not the guy who has a road map in his head of every post-production tweak I’m going to make. I get what I want on the day and only tweak the image later. If you’re trying to make the next 300 i’m probably not your guy.

That being said, I’m driven somewhat by sheer power of OCD. Which is to say that the creative approach is corrective, not inventive. 

I’m a cinematographer before all else, but my experience is pretty diverse. I can self produce, source my own crew, run my own budgets. I don’t need much to get it done. Just let me know what you have in mind.

Oh, I also co-founded a collective called The Family. Check us out. we’re pretty rad.

Still need a resume? Fine. Have this one.